2010 Photos

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Spencer right after getting his braces off, enjoying his first bag of chips in many months.

Maisie posing for a head shot.

Liam at one of his favorite places, the model train exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Maisie and Eileen.

Loch caught in the middle of a project to eliminate most of his CD cases.

Maisie prepares to head off on a school trip to New York that gave her the chance to see several of her favorite shows on Broadway.

Maisie performing as part of the Swing Choir (that's her high school's name for the Glee Club).

Spencer with his grandfather, Jim McGlone.

Maisie gives her honors recital for Chorus this spring.

Crocus thomasinianus flowering on our parkway last March. It seems like a very long time since we've seen flowers outdoors!

Liam's idea of exercise while on vacation.

Spencer returns from his freshman year at college.

Spencer on-stage at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion

in Millennium Park in downtown Chicago.

Liam rubbing Lincoln's nose for luck

at the Lincoln Memorial in Springfield.

Liam at the City Museum in St. Louis. Unique place, well worth a visit. (Would probably be even more worth visiting when the temperature isn't over 100 degrees!)

Spencer playing drums for his new band, The Patient Yaks.

Spencer playing sax in one of his Roosevelt jazz combos.

Maisie before the Winter Formal dance this fall.